Hospitalsconsultants – your key to great healthcare from the best hospitals in Britain!

Good health is priceless, but what can you do when private healthcare establishments seem to be financially out of your reach?

There are alternatives to NHS treatment and going private. For instance, you could receive quality treatment at the West Cornwall Hospital, one of the best in the country and part of an NHS Trust, without having to navigate interminable queues thanks to a new website called Hospitalsconsultants. This offers you the chance to receive treatment at both private and NHS hospitals for a number of different conditions, even if you don’t have your own private health insurance plan. In certain cases, you may be able to get the NHS to fund your treatment, at other times, you’ll pay an all-inclusive fee covering everything from accommodation to doctors’ fees and medications.

Proton beam therapy will be available from 2018 onwards in the UK

The establishments featured on the site have been chosen for their top-of-the-range equipment. Proton beam therapy (pictured below) is one such cutting-edge technique that will soon be available via the website.

For more information on the procedures offered by hospitals listed on the site, and the criteria used to select the clinics and hospitals in question, just follow this link.